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Hacker Karaoke is DEF CON's official karaoke event.

Two great things that go great together! Join the fun as your fellow hackers make their way through songs from every era and style. Everyone has a voice and this is your opportunity to show it off! Going into it's 15th year and quickly becoming a DEF CON tradition of people from all skill levels.

Post DEF CON 31 info:
The secret meetup / puzzle contest was unsolved. The solution was to press CTRL-A or look at the webpage's code and follow the directions.
Prize was a Flipper Zero.

Those who submitted your song requests and did not have a chance to sing, will be given priority if you show up next year and your card is in our list.

COVID: So far 1 participant has informed us of being infected. No other reports at this time. We do sanitize the microphone in between use.

Thank you everyone for participating.

Location and Hours of operation


Covid precautions

We sanitize the microphone after ever use. If you are not singing, we would highly recommend wearing a mask as a precaution.
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